Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nun Stories

For me it was a nun in high school who inspired a love of good books and even the scribbling I did in Growing Up Catholic. I still have a note from that Sister congratulating us on making the bestseller list. I remember the exact moment I got "it" about what was great and lasting in books and plays. We were reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene and Sister's thoughtful teaching of that book let me know there was a lot more going on than I had first thought.

There is a nice article about the First Folio Theatre in Chicago and the artistic director of that fine theatre who had a similar experience:

Alison traces her own love of theatre and Shakespeare back to grade school, where an intuitive nun had her students reading Shakespeare out loud in class. "We took turns reading ‘Romeo and Juliet' out loud and I found that I naturally loved the rhythm, it made sense to me spoken out loud. Then in college I had a professor who almost killed it for me."

Feel free to leave your own nun stories in the Comments.

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Patrick said...

I had two nuns as teachers growing up. Sister Mary Grace who nearly pulled my ear off and only taught me to hate school and then Sister Mary Damian who was so kind and loving that she erased all the evil done by the fist Nun; proving the scripture "Love covers over a multitude of sin."