Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Embracing Your Cultural Catholic

There is a new game (or do they call it a meme?) where we, the great unwashed, "google" ourselves to see what our connectivity and importance in the world is. Tosh. Everyone is important. But I noticed whenever I googled things about being catholic one site kept coming up which seemed to explain it all to us. The Cultural Catholic.
One of the reasons that Growing Up Catholic and Nuns Having Fun (books and the heavenly CALENDAR) have had such a great reception, is the shared culture of having participated in the Catholic faith in many different ways. Indeed the pre and post Vatican II view of the world sometimes seperates us but we are brought back together by not just nostalgia but shared beliefs.

The icing on the cake or the insense in the censor, was this nice correspondence with the webmaster of Cultural Catholic, Sharon:

Thanks for bringing this brand to the Catholic public. My late brother, a product of New York City Catholic grammar and high schools during the time period of the calender, had the Nuns Having Fun calendar hanging in his downtown Manhattan insurance company office where it garnered much attention. My brother would say, "The nuns are having fun in my office!"

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