Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Original Celebrity Nun

No, not The Flying Nun but Soeur Sourire singing Dominique is truly the first celebrity nun having fun. But have you ever heard the disco version?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Full Disclosure

I wrote some of material in the New York Times Bestseller GROWING UP CATHOLIC and some friends of mine wrote that and the book and calendar NUNS HAVING FUN--on the right. Those friends who wrote on all of them are more industrious than I am. Contribute to our our corporeal body by buying them. Click the images to go to a fine online bookstore or go to your local independent bookseller and support them!
You will laugh at this fine book and enjoy the calendar all year long almost as much as watching nuns play frisbee in full habit.

If You Survived It-- It's Time To Have Fun

Hail the last generation who will know the pains and glories of Growing Up Catholic and of Nuns Having Fun. Say an Our Father and a Hail Mary and relive those chalk-stained days with a certain fondness and not a ruler in sight.