Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Say Good-Bye To 2009...Early!

OKay, let's face it. 2009 is going to be a wash. Bailouts and layoffs. Bonus armies of Wall Street are marching and the little guy can't catch a break. Well, let's just forget it and our way to 2010 with Nuns Having Fun Wall Calendar 2010!

These calendars are some of the bestselling each year and we know why...because nuns are forever and as long generations of Catholics remember they will be held in our fond memory.

Until 2010 rolls around so might also want to see the book that started it all: Growing Up Catholic. In print continually since 1984...longer than any book except that encyclopedia and the Bible...and a couple others.

Also see the Nuns Having Fun book which grabs much of the great stuff from the many years of calendars along with new material. Say it loud...I think I am Catholic and I am proud!

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